Building the Future
of Recruitment
Cognavi empowers students to get their dream careers with the help of AI/ML, helps recruiters to hire talent, and enables universities to optimize the placement process.


We provide a platform for students that helps students find job opportunities that are relevant to their skills and interests.


We gather data on user behavior and job market trends to help recruiters make more informed decisions.

Human AI

We provide Human AI tool that can help gain insight into the students personality traits.

Position AI

We provide AI-powered placement portals for students to match candidates with job positions based on their skills.


Cognavi-Student is dedicated to connecting talented students with top employers around the world. Our AI/ML-based platform offers a wide range of opportunities to help you kickstart your career. We work with leading companies across various industries, ensuring that our job postings reflect the latest trends in the job market. We help students find fulfilling and rewarding careers after graduation. Sign up for Cognavi-Student today and start exploring your options to unlock your career potential.

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Resume Builder

Cognavi-Resume Builder is an AI/ML-powered tool that helps you create a professional resume in minutes. With our platform, you can choose from a wide range of templates and customize them to match your skills and qualifications. Our system uses advanced algorithms to highlight your strengths and identify areas for improvement. We also offer expert advice and feedback to help you create a resume that stands out. Sign up for Cognavi-Resume Builder today and take the first step towards your dream job.

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We provide a robust system to manage student information in the college concerning placement. We are in association with various industries across multiple domains that can bring great opportunities & employers on campus. The portal simplifies the placement process by providing a centralized platform to manage and organize all aspects of the recruitment process, from company job postings to student applications to final job offers. Join Cognavi-University to boost your placement record!

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We connect talented individuals with exciting job opportunities with the help of position-matching AI and Human AI. We simplify and democratize the job search and placement process for both job seekers and employers. Our platform is home to a diverse pool of highly skilled and experienced candidates from different fields and industries. With a few clicks, you can search our database of resumes, profiles, and job applications to find the right candidate for your open positions.

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